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Meet Emily Plummer and Anna Kemper: These two sophomores were featured in my piece as the sole LGBT couple.

We hold this falsehood that we’ve finally achieved Martin’s dream of people not being judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Emily said “people hate me more” when discussing the reaction she got from her classmates when talking about her relationship with Anna. They, along with many other teens around the nation, are growing up and being told that who they are is wrong and “annoying.” Meet the eight couples that refused to be in my article: Like I said, when I first dreamt up this idea, I had the naive idea that everybody would say yes and that everybody would love the idea and that everybody would be itching to showcase their modern relationships. Eight couples told me they didn’t want their names printed in this story. I couldn’t understand why they were so against the idea of being featured.

I was dumped over the phone, in text messages, in Group Me, in person, through a third party (and not gonna lie, it was a small shot to my self esteem). I thought to myself, ‘So what if one couple says no, there are plenty more out there.’ For the first time I was right. The entire article was meant to showcase and nearly praise the diversity.

For the past month, I have had the opportunity to write a feature on some of the diverse relationships in my school. Conner ignited a fire under the staff and challenged us to write for the middle–the kids that are often seen as average yet make up the vast majority of the student body.

So, the idea came to me to feature modern romantic relationships in my school that don’t fit into the stereotypical dating scene.

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