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Nude photography is something I fell into and slowly my work progressed into what it is now – it just so happened that that journey included the images getting a little more nude and rude each time!

Anything you wouldn’t be expected to deal with in a normal working environment is not normal to deal with on shoot.Even if nothing comes of it, speak up and they will listen.You don’t have to put this out publicly – I know lots of you are scared of the backlash from photographers, their supporters and fellow models that have had different experiences but you can still speak up and maybe your complaint isn’t the first.He shot at my house, and as soon as I met him I felt uncomfortable.He had very sinister eyes, which sounds ridiculous but sometimes you just get this feeling.People still want to work with those photographers because their work is good – people still want to see Chris Brown perform because they like his songs.Why do we constantly excuse men for their crimes because of their talent in other areas?The shoot was awkward, uncomfortable and all he did was criticise me throughout, saying he preferred to work with blonde, tanned fake breasted women. After, he blocked me on all social media and I had to contact another photographer who was a mutual friend who managed to coax about 6 images from the shoot that were roughly edited and poor quality.I never heard from him again.’ Your photographer should not sexualise you for themselves.Know yourself and what you want before you allow others to decide those things for you.I work pretty exclusively with Suicide Girls these days and I can tell you, there is an amazing support network there – even though SG is a submissions based site and usually have nothing to do with the shoot process until after it’s done, if you have issues with a photographer you’ve shot with please do tell them.

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