Accra ghanaians and internet dating scams

The Sakawa boys are a reflection of how young people, when they get a hold of technology, can show their entrepreneurial spirit.

The scammers post nude pictures to convince their targets to wire money through transfer outlets like Western Union.

I met this guy online from Accra Ghana we only chatted online a month he ask me to marry him and move to Ghana with him I told him no things are moving to fast we need time now all of a sudden he needs a laptop because he damage the one he had for his job I told him no thats not my problem my gut feeling he is a scammer.

Ghana An online scam perpetrated by a group of fraudsters known as the Sakawa boys was recently exposed here.

And there’s a spiritual element of (voodoo) priests—before embarking on a scam.

Consulting a spiritualist is part of making major decisions for many Ghanaians.

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