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I was put off that he would go there and not know me at all because I believe that kind of sex is better saved for a “girlfriend” type and he should know how to get down with a one night stand! And she went through his phone trying to tell all the people Dre was having sex with that she was the main chick but she wasn’t. I wouldn’t say he was a fire-ass p*ssy licker, I think that girl was tripping. Supposedly he upgraded some chick he was sleeping with to be his assistant. the Jasmine exclusively reports that while things are serious between Andre 3000 (real name André Lauren Benjamin) and his girlfriend Dominique Maldonado, the two are Recently, rumors circulated that the rapper/actor (who once dated singer Erykah Badu) had popped the question to the music executive.However, a source close to the couple tells us that they are NOT engaged. Anywho, we hear they’re in an exclusive relationship, but he has yet to put a ring on it.

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The source says the business relationship between the two will go as the relationship goes but “everything is going great.” Eufaula is at the “top of her game professionally” and has even hired a personal assistant named Bridget Moran says the source.

He did have these beads on his neck that he left on. No, women are having lots of sex unprotected and he’s putting his mouth down there. I think he’s gay because he didn’t have a main girl, so he must have had a main guy?

I don’t know what the other girls are talking about but he was really rough with me. He does have all those tattoos that the other girl mentioned, except that was a long time ago and when I slept with him it was more recent, he wasn’t wearing strange outfits or wigs. Ever since then I had heard he gives oral alot and I find that to be disgusting. He thinks he’s living in olden times where STD’s didn’t exist and a time where women were more faithful.

I usually post these crazy Groupie Tales from Back Stage Pazz once a month, but I promised our loyal reader Ms. 🙂 This groupie tale is relative to an encounter she/he had with Andre 3000!

We met the year of 2004 at an after party for Outkast after they won their Grammy’s for The Love Below/Speaker Box.

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