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The problem is bad enough at the moment: recent research by Age UK indicates that nearly a quarter of workers have lost track of at least one pension pot.

But the introduction of compulsory automatic enrolment legislation risks making matters even worse, as millions more workers enter the pension system.

While you were employed, any earnings on the money invested in your CCOERA account were not subject to federal or Colorado state income taxes.

This special tax treatment helps your account grow much faster than a traditional after-tax account, creating a greater retirement benefit for you in the future.

CCOERA maintains the systems and expertise necessary to administer both retirement plan accounts and deferred compensation accounts - separately or together.

Procedure: To execute a direct rollover of your CCOERA 401(a) Retirement account (or your CCOERA 457 Deferred Compensation account) to an IRA, you and your employer representative will need to complete Form 4.

Benefits of a Transfer After considering all of the pros and cons listed above, you may decide your best alternative is to keep your CCOERA Retirement Savings Accounts.

Of these, 12 million will be worth under GBP 2,000 and 33 million will be worth under GBP 10,000.

Not only is this unsatisfactory from the point of view of the individuals concerned, it will entail a great deal of inefficiency for the pension industry, as trustees and providers will be required to administer millions of small, often forgotten, pension pots.

Further pressure on the system will be created by the abolition of rights to short service refunds.

One potential consequence of this is that an individual can accumulate a series of separate, stranded pension pots which it is difficult to keep track of.

Pots can be transferred as a worker moves between jobs, but the initiative to make such transfers lies with the worker, and pension schemes are not legally required to accept transfers of workers' existing pots.

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