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By contrast however, from April 2013, the disregard on an increase in income will be further reduced from £10,000 to £5,000.

There was always a provision the Tax Credits Act 2002 to apply a disregard for a reduction in income, but it has never been implemented before.5Tax credits were originally designed to be flexible and responsive to changes, and to provide a financial incentive to work.

– two or more periods separated by less than 12 weeks that may be linked together; – periods on statutory sick pay before qualifying for contributory ESA; – periods on IB or SDA prior to conversion to contributory ESA; – payment pending an appeal; – entitled to a work-related activity or support component in HB/CTB; – would be entitled to a work-related activity or support component but for the other member being treated as not having limited capability for work (ie, failed to return questionnaire or attend medical); – main phase ESA.

One advantageous change from 6 April 2012, is that couples with children where the non-working partner is entitled to CA can now qualify for the childcare element for the first time.

However, childcare costs must be notified as HMRC will not know who qualifies under the new rule.

The HB/CTB rules have not been amended so additional tax credits will count as income, without any extra earnings disregard.

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