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Around 1970, there was a disturbance in the Los Angeles County Men's Jail resulting in charges of assault on peace officers against several inmates.Terran was appointment by the court to defend one of the inmates in the ensuing multi-defendant criminal case.

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At the time of sentencing, the court asked Terran why he tried the case rather than simply negotiating a plea bargain.In addition to the required scholarly pursuits, Terran was a member of a social fraternity, living on campus at the fraternity house, and enjoyed, dating, going to sporting events, and many other frivolities of college life.Terran graduated from Harvard Law School, cum laude, in 1964.Partner Paul Fitzgerald, was one of the best and most inspiring criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles County, exuding an engaging, humorous persona, that was reminiscent of his comic idol, W. Fields, although Paul was considerably better looking than W. During this era, Paul was the lead defense attorney in the infamous Charles Manson / Tate-La Bianca murder trial, representing Patricia Krenwinkle, one of the three "Manson girl" defendants.Terran assisted Paul by preparing all of the written motions and briefs during the trial.Terran volunteered to handle a case involving a charge of burglary against a local resident that went into a burned out hardware store and was arrested in the act of taking two cans of paint.Terran tried the case to a judge sitting without a jury.After Terran's sojourn in criminal defense law from 1969-1971, from 1971-1974, he became an of counsel associate with the his prior colleagues, which by then had amalgamated the Green, Simke & Lasher, Irmas & Rutter, and Richard Hecht law firms into one law firm with a firm name consisting of all six names . Irmas & Rutter were attorneys for Terran's parents while he was attending UCLA in the late 1950s.He first met Sid Irmas and Bill Rutter when they visited his parents at Terran's family home one day.He was inducted into the California Scholarship Federation as an honor student, and was a speaker at the graduation ceremony.Terran graduated with honors, Phi Beta Kappa, from UCLA in 1961, majoring in political science, minoring in literature.

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