Bpd woman dating married man

He had no weapon of any kind but, she had her pistol in her waistband. When she shot him the bullet severed the blood supply to his brain and then went into the part of his brain that let him speak and understand speech.

So all the time I was trying to tell him that I loved him and beg him to fight he couldnt understand me. The day before he died Adeline moved in with her ex boyfriend.

It seems no one wants to believe the mother is the abusive one...

Even when there is a history of abuse and violence in her family.

They had been to a New Years Eve party and was very well intoxicated. They had been arguing the entire day and at one point we know Adeline had slapped him across the face.

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He was taken there by police, but no charges were filed against his wife. Interview with the author, 1994) (Kelso and the Valley Oasis Shelter program in Lancaster CA and "a few other places" are the only programs Mr. The child is the result of their short lived marriage.

My heart goes out to the men who call because no services are available to them, other than with a psychologist or psychiatrist. Our family is large and so unfamiliar with abuse that we didn't see the signs or start to connect the dots until the past year of how dangerous and serious it is.

I have some doubts about many of them [therapists] as I feel they are back in the dark ages of how they stereotypically view males. The mother's dad and step mom have deep pockets and the mother has now went from supervised visits (originally ordered by child services because she was diagnosed manic depressive and admitted to other episodes), to unsupervised visits--(this is when the abuse against the child really started to get worse), and now our son has temporarily lost the right to visit with his son outside of paying someone to supervise the visits. The two attorney's the daddy did have for a short time only took his money and did not get enough of the facts and the truth out that the judge see what is really going on.

We are looked upon as being friends of the perpetrators rather than friends of the victims, because all males are supposed to be evil and bad.

I notice in talking with other shelter staff throughout the state that this attitude prevails in the other shelters, too-men are the perpetrators, women are the victims.

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