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However between 04 hrs East Standard Time, 7 days a week 365 days a year, you will receive an activation in just a few short hours. Please put [email protected] your email address/contact book before you send the email to us for activating.. Other reasons are: Installation ID is missing, Installation ID is missing numbers, or wrong numbers. We need the Installation ID number that appears after the download and install is completed and DDL has launched. All downloads for updates can be found on our web site, under the Download button (top of every page, (This will count against the 3 new Activations per license you received when you purchased DDL, if you have used your 3 copies you will need to repurchase DDL again before a Activation Code can be issued) A new computer or a change in the motherboard or CPU will require you to: a.

This will allow you to continue to operate until you can be activated. Activation can take 12 to 48 hours, depending on the driver following all the steps to avoid delays. The #1 reason to not receive an email with an activation code is your email software is blocking us or filtering our address.

Note: When you specify the actual work for a task, Project calculates the percentage of work completed and remaining work according to the formulas Percent Work Complete = Actual Work / Work and Remaining Work = Work - Actual Work.

If you need to track how much work each resource has performed on a task during a specific time period (for example, daily), you can enter the timephased information for actual work for each assigned resource.

We need the Installation ID number that DDL is showing when DDL is running.

With the holidays approaching what could be better than a chance…

Debt is one of those things that can easily ruin your life. It should always be your goal to live as debt free as possible.

No music gets added to the playlist and they have not refreshed since they first appeared I have tries loffing out powering off and logging back in but still not working as it should Any one else seing this issue??

Ok, so I'm working on a project where the database will hold about 20000 elements all in one table.

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