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Another significant concern for the Single Dude Traveler to Buenos Aires is the language issue.This is not Central America or Mexico where people are heavily exposed to American culture and are obliged to learn English if they are well educated.There isn’t any variety in types of cuisine either.It’s not like any other mega-city I’ve been to where you can get delicious ethnic food from all over the world.In a decent bar drinks will be (16 pesos) minimum.It’s not exorbitant but it’s a far cry from Vietnam or Mexico where will get you a room or a great meal and a drink at a nice bar, so in my opinion there should be a real good reason to spend three times as much on everything and fly all the way to the Southern Hemisphere for a visit.They don’t dress up that much, and while they usually look nice, they hardly ever look hot (no sexy clothes, no heels, no makeup).

And every menu in every restaurant is pretty much the same, with three pages of unseasoned steaks, bland over cheesed pizzas and salads that taste like packing material.Women: Before I went to Argentina I was under the impression from the Porteñas had met in Miami and other places that Buenos Aires was going to be a paradise of gorgeous sexy women. Ok, sure, there’s a lot of nice looking chicks in Buenos Aires, to be sure, with lots of positive qualities, but somehow it doesn’t add up to everything one would hope for.They have plenty of the right raw materials; they’re tall, lean girls of Italian ancestry, they are very nice, so nice that I had a total of zero chicks shoot me down in a week, but while nice and friendly and pretty they just aren’t .As a result, things in Buenos Aires cost much more than they should.Crappy hotels are (120 pesos) at the absolute minimum and it’s easy to spend three times as much for a mid level place.It’s a thoroughly nice town and I enjoyed spending a week there.That being said, I don’t plan on returning unless I’m going for a business opportunity.Compare this to Bulgaria, where while having coffee on Vitoshka Street any random afternoon of the week you will see an outrageously hots chick every couple of minutes guaranteed.I think I saw fewer than 5 of those girls in a week in Buenos Aires.Buenos Aires has some significant drawbacks for the single dude traveler.First of all, Buenos Aires is not a great value for the single dude wallet.

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