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As the replacement was rendered, the file in the host’s Dropbox folder seemed fine, but the rest of us were caught in an infinite sync cycle in which nothing was actually being downloaded.

This problem was caused by a conflict in Dropbox’s cache.

If no changes happened between the time you put data from computer A on your USB stick, and transferred files to computer B, Dropbox should see if the local data is current.

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Here’s how: At this point, if all is well, you can empty your recycle bin.If you’re still experiencing issues, you may want to investigate further to see if the ports Dropbox is using are in conflict with other applications and/or systems on your network.You should be able to run Dropbox on a dozen or more systems simultaneously without any port problems, though your router may be blocking the application from passing through should it detect a problem. This usually works fine - but sometimes I find that the file does not get updated on my windows7 PC. I edit the file on my Windows XP machine, then go to my Windows 7 PC and see that there is a previous, old, datestamp on the file and sure enough if I open up the file to have a look, I see that the latest edits are not included. I have a word document that I edit on either PC - to enable this I have the file stored in a Dropbox folder.Also, if you are accessing the internet through a router, the router may be blocking the specific port that is required by Dropbox.It would be prudent to re-submit a question detailing port-blocking and Dropbox, with a link to this initial question.By the way I do not leave the old file open in word on my Windows-7 PC as I can well imagine that would cause trouble.Also I should mention that the icon on the document has the little green tick on it showing that Dropbox is not in the process of doing a transfer.I am a huge fan of Dropbox, but every once in a while the Dropbox application on my Windows-based PC and Mac gets caught in an endless sync loop in which no files are actually being downloaded or uploaded, but the application is running like crazy to catch up.This happened most recently when a video being shared between myself and several coworkers needed to be re-rendered and replaced.

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