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Unlike IGRP, in the IP environment, EIGRP is a Classless routing protocol since updates carry subnet mask information.

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You can test this by clearing one neighbour and seeing the increase in the RTO on the other neighbour(s).Whereas other routing protocols use a variant of the Bellman-Ford algorithm and calculate routes individually, EIGRP uses the Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL) (SRI International) where routers share the route calculations (hence ‘diffuse’).A router only sends routing updates as distance vectors of directly connected routes, rather than every route that is in the network.The multicast Hello packets are sent to the multicast address since it is not necessary to send unicast packets specifically to each neighbour.These neighbour/peer relationships only occur over primary interface addresses NOT via any secondary addresses that may be configured!because of a topology change), then the Update is multicast.The Hello packet contains a Hold Time which is 3 times the Hello Interval.The advantage with this is that only one routing process need run instead of a routing process for each of the protocols.EIGRP provides loop-free operation and almost instant simultaneous synchronisation of all routers.The metric for EIGRP is calculated by multiplying the IGRP metric by 256.So the formula used to calculate the metric is EIGRP Metric = 256*([KTaking the example we used when looking at IGRP, a link where the bandwidth to a particular destination is 128k and the delay is 84000 microseconds.

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