Enabling development teams updating demo files

Microsoft has created the workspace as a platform that can be extended by developers with Tabs, chat Bots and Office 365 Connectors.Each communication channel has a few built-in tabs but others can be created and added.Read More In this session, learn about the new Hybrid Cloud Print feature added to Windows Server 2016 to support printing to corporate printers when using an Azure Active Directory joined or managed BYOD device.The core of this session is a step-by-step walk-thro...Read More Do you have sensitive data in Office 365 that you need to keep safe from improper sharing?Do want your employees to seamlessly share and collaborate, but need controls to ensure they share the right content with the right people? Read More Go behind the scenes to learn exactly how we using machine learning and relevancy algorithms to power intelligence experiences.Learn all the ways Share Point is dynamic and intelligent and how we do it.Effective search and discovery needs to know what information that is relevant to you, your colleagues, the work you do and your context right now.

Developers have the opportunity to extend Teams with Tabs, Bots and Connectors.Tabs are HTML pages loaded in an i Frame and making use of the library Microsoft These bots are built on the Microsoft Bot Framework with C#, Java Script/or can be generated from a Swagger file using the Bot Connector API. The last way to extend Teams is through Office 365 Connectors.These connectors enable users to receive notifications from external services such as Twitter, Git Hub, Trello, Stack Overflow, User Voice, etc.With Windows 10, modern management offers many benefits for the business in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.In this session we demo how you can create a modern workplac...Microsoft Teams is currently in preview mode and it will be made generally available to users of Office 365 Business and Enterprise during Q1/2017.At that point it is supposed to be interconnected with over 100 services including 85 bots and 70 connectors.Administration, governance and data loss prevention are critical components of successful application and environment management.Learn how to manage users, permissions, data sharing and roles in environments across your Power Apps, Microsoft Flow and Comm...Learn how to build great apps for Windows by experimenting with our samples.These samples show you how features work and help you jumpstart your own Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and classic desktop apps.

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