Forbidden sex chat

People struggling with sexual compulsions are already afraid of their sexuality, viewing it as an alien internal beast.

To imply that the addict's sexual fantasies and sources of satisfaction are, like alcohol to the alcoholic, a loaded gun, reinforces this belief, when in fact it's simply another fantasy.

While the desire for sexual pleasure is natural, the how, where and why are not.

Sexual desire actually begins in the mind and travels down.

Unfortunately, it is precisely because of this bias that the success rates of the 12-step treatment approach to sexual compulsions are so poor.

His focus -- our focus -- naturally shifts to simply stopping his behavior, one day at a time.

No one cares why I can't be faithful in a relationship.

My problem is my compulsive behavior; my recovery is measured only by the cessation of that behavior.

If a married man has a lot of extramarital sex, is he necessarily a sex addict?

If a seemingly straight man frequents restrooms for casual sex, is he an addict?

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