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Why voluntarily choose to live in a culture and society in which you have no interest in the people?That's what I don't understand about many foreign women in Asia - they whine about how their dating life sucks, yet snub their noses up at 99.999% of the population.That said, she waited a year after her initial planned departure date to let her relationship grow a bit before making the move and committing to long-distance love - which makes perfect sense.

She ended up staying for years because life was better than back home, and he eventually moved to Japan to be with her.I did become friends with an Aussie named Kate, but we lived far apart and didn’t see each other that often. Insects and chaotic streets didn’t seem to bother them as much, and Taiwanese women treated Caucasian men like Hollywood stars.The bigger the nose, the more handsome the man, they said.Many men tolerate the place simply because they could save up more money by living in a 3rd world country. Lindsey Craig's complaint about the giant roaches of Taiwan aside, I've found this to be exactly not the case.I look awful in this photo but I'll add it anyway - I stand by the idea that the best way to have a good time as a single female expat in Asia is to find a mixed group - male and female, local and foreign - in which to socialize First, the folks who say it's because women can't adjust to living abroad, or we're more disgusted by the roaches, the spitting, the dirt and the pollution? There is a fairly equal gender ratio of men and women who serve in the Peace Corps, despite the fact that female volunteers are at disproportionate risk of threats and sexual violence.Although I was there with my boyfriend, I longed for female friendship.I’d met a handful of foreign women, but we didn’t have much in common.There's been a lot bouncing around blogs, newspapers and other social media about this article by Lindsey Craig (which I did mistakenly spell as "Lindsay Craig" at first) - about culture shock and not being able to adjust to Taiwan: Teaching English: Culture Shock Now, I agree with one commenter on Michael Turton's post that this isn't really journalism and was fine for a blog but has no place in a newspaper, but that's not why I'm writing about it here.I've decided to examine - again, with no real answers because there are so rarely nifty solutions to these things - why there are so few female expats living in Asia, starting with this quote from the article: Dealing with it all may have been easier if I’d been able to build a stronger network of support.This is the case for every single foreign woman I have met in Taiwan.Western women or people coming from the a developed world with good social systems less likely to tolerate living in a place as the Mainland, rude people spitting, jumping queue enough to turn them off.

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