Grand theft auto san andreas dating

Rockstar probably wants you to get distracted by side missions between story missions so the travel time feels less repetitive, but I've played this game to 100% completion in the past.

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The controls actively hindered my enjoyment of many missions, particularly ones that involved drive-by shooting.

I remember playing San Andreas a few years ago on my 360 and I got through a decent chunk of the game (I made it to Las Venturas and did a couple of missions) but I just couldn't bring myself to finish it.

The funny thing is, San Andreas was the first gta game I ever played (my brother rented it not too long after it came out on the PS2) but it's also the only main gta game (3 on wards) that I haven't finished since I played all the other ones much closer to their release dates.

Still, there are parts of the game that were good to revisit.

Going into fast food places to restore health and being able to customize every part of your outfit individually were missing from Grand Theft Auto V.

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