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She is adamant in parting ways but I don’t think this will happen any time soon with a relationship already forged from saving each other’s life.

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This gives Shiro a clear objective of winning the Grai war so that it doesn’t land in some bastard’s hands.Like before, let me warn you that the Spoiler tag (minus Extra section), is only for the people who have read the VN or watched Fate/Zero and/or UBW movie. The events which led to Shiro stopping Saber from harming Archer, separates the storyline from the first fate route of the visual novel.We are safely in a new territory for the people who watched the ghastly adaptation by DEEN.Rin is undoubtedly acting out all other masters’ frustration in seeing some greenhorn possess the best servant.Add a do-gooder tendency to the mix and you are left wondering how long this guy will survive in the cutthroat business of the Grail war?For a bit of foreshadowing, the previous war had a novice as well but he was a mass-murdering psychopath, with a Caster servant to complement his incompetence in magic.Thus, Shiro’s situation is unique as a total novice and not even being able to provide mana to Saber, which she would need not only to function in physical form but in combating other servants as well.As Ufotable loves their dark interiors in too-much-information episodes along with a lot of circling around, the Shinto church was much darker than the visual novel version.However, it doesn’t matter as the shadows across the pews and even on Kirei’s face were quite complementary to the ode of sorrow he preached about the Grail wars.Not to mention, he was the first Magus needing Church’s protection in the previous war once his servant was killed.Though, he did get to the Grail in the end and it was him that Rin referred to being weak, not Kiritsugu as the Grail chose him first not Kirei.

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