How the internet has changed dating

The swiping culture lures us with infinite possibilities, but it also exerts a subtle tyranny. “What if there is someone better suited for me out there?

The constant awareness of ready alternatives invites unfavorable comparisons, weakens commitment and prevents us from enjoying the present moment. ” Many young people today live in a state of chronic self-doubt and FOMO (fear of missing out).

And, finally, if we don’t want to meet someone new, technology gives us the means to reconnect with the one that got away — your college sweetheart, first date from high school, the friend you wish would become something more.

But while we relish the freedom that comes with having so many romantic options, we dread the uncertainty that also accompanies it.

Now the stigma has been removed and the Internet has become the village square.

Our instant-gratification digital dating culture has numbed them to this critical feeling, without which it can be difficult to sustain a longer relationship.

And if technology has changed how we choose, it’s also changed how we cheat.

Yet it also removes the mystery, the need for pacing, and the seduction narrative that’s so central to courtship.

It’s no accident that many of the millennials I encounter tell me that while they experience arousal, they are unfamiliar with desire.

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