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The professional I have in mind who could assist me would have formal qualifications in the field of psychology / human behaviour from a reputable university and demonstrated interest in “impression management”.The professional would also need to be involved in or experienced with online dating (computer mediated communication) and aware of the issues involved (an academic / research interest).Please provide contact details (and email) for at least two such people.Here is a whole network of people ready to help you.Context plays a role in impression management, for example users are more likely to create a professional impression of themselves through a carefully crafted profile on Linked In while they create a more personal impression of themselves on Facebook or Twitter.Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) is a research area of significant interest and has attracted research since the early 1980s (Keisler, Siegel, & Mc Guire, 1984).The below is a statement of my perception of online impression management before I conducted my research.

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I am not interested in the services offered by creative writers or online profile helpers.

Impression Management Professionals 15768 Venture Lane Minneapolis, MN 55344 (NNN) NNN-NNNN Toll Free: 888-IMP-9421 | Email:[email protected] | Web: to Consultant01's Post: I have viewed the web site address you provided.

Unfortuntely there is no information at all on that web site to indicate that the criteria specified for the professional sought (in my question) is met by any member of the 'network of people ready to help' to which you refer.

I am studying Cyberpsychology (QQI L8) to broaden my digital marketing knowledge.

I completed my research for 2015 where I explored Impression Management and how people portray themselves online. If you have any questions or would like to discuss digital marketing and Cyberpsychology, please contact me via Linkedin mail or my personal email.

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