Introducing speed dating speech

Speakers often begin with anecdotes to hook their audience’s attention.

Other methods include presenting shocking statistics, asking direct questions of the audience, or enlisting audience participation. Consider your purpose and how you came to speak to this audience.

You may also want to connect the material to related or larger issues as well, especially those that may be important to your audience.

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Be careful not to talk over the heads of your audience. And as for grabbing their attention, yelling, cursing, using inappropriate humor, or brandishing a potentially offensive prop (say, autopsy photos) will only make the audience tune you out.If you set up a counterargument in one paragraph so you can demolish it in the next, begin the demolition by saying something like, The U. government has failed to protect us from the scourge of so-called reality television, which exploits sex, violence, and petty conflict, and calls it human nature. When arguing a point, using ethos, pathos, and logos can help convince your audience to believe you and make your argument stronger.Ethos refers to an appeal to your audience by establishing your authenticity and trustworthiness as a speaker.For example, you could link an earlier main point or key term as you transition into or wrap up a new point.You could also address the relationship between earlier points and new points through discussion within a body paragraph.If you can identify ways to connect with your listeners, you can make your speech interesting and useful.As you think of ways to appeal to your audience, ask yourself: For more help, see our handout on audience.Don’t spend as much time developing your introductory paragraph and leading up to the thesis statement as you would in a research paper for a course.Moving from the intro into the body of the speech quickly will help keep your audience interested.For example, eulogies encourage emotional response from the audience; college lectures stimulate listeners to think about a topic from a different perspective; protest speeches in the Pit recommend actions the audience can take.As you establish your purpose, ask yourself these questions: If your purpose is to get a certain response from your audience, you must consider who they are (or who you’re pretending they are).

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