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High school sophomore Samantha "Sam" Baker struggles to go through the day on her 16th birthday, which her entire family has forgotten about because her older sister, Ginny, is getting married the next day.She is also plagued by infatuation with a popular and attractive senior, Jake Ryan.

As the freshmen hang out at the gym, Ted's two best friends, Bryce and Cliff, watch as Ted crashes and burns after he once again hits on Sam and fails, with an upset Sam running off.With Jake's parents away for the weekend, his home becomes trashed by the dozens of students that crashed the party.Disgusted, he heads to his bedroom alone and tracks down Sam's phone number after finding her picture in the school yearbook.After Ted, Cliff, and Bryce have an impromptu peep show in the boys bathroom to show off the panties, they head over to Jake's house for the dance's after-party.Almost immediately, the trio find themselves in an awkward situation, knocking over a huge beer can pyramid.It began on July 20, 2016 in Austin, and concluded with its final show in Toronto, Ontario on October 8, 2016.Scheduled for 60 performances across North America, the tour was produced by Apple Music in conjunction with Drake's fourth studio album, Views, Future's fourth studio album Evol, as well as their collaborative mixtape What a Time to Be Alive.Since then, other notable collaborations between the pair include Drake's song, "Grammys" featuring Future, and 2015's "Jumpman".The duo also worked on a collaborative mixtape entitled What a Time to Be Alive, which was released on September 20, 2015.Take his recent #wangsquad campaign, which featured a crew of idiosyncratic It girls like supermodel-in-training Kaia Gerber and Korean rap phenomenon CL.So it came as no surprise that Sixteen Jones appeared in the front row at Wang's Spring 2017 show—or that the fresh-faced daughter of the Die Antwoord’s Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser had already absorbed her mother's knack for unconventional beauty, rendering Yo-Landi’s standard onyx lashes and liner flick in ethereal milk white.

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