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Chinese ladies are also very variable in appearance.

China is a vast country made up of many different ethnic groups.

Finally make sure you are certain your lady is marrying you for love rather than money or a visa.

It can be difficult to determine this so you really just have to take your time with your relationship and trust your male intuition.

Possibly the biggest issue facing a marriage between a Chinese woman and an American man is the decision about which country to live in after marriage.

Date a younger Chinese lady and you'll find she has very different values to her mother.As far as I can determine, the best way of telling if a woman is in love with you and not your money or passport is that she will want to talk to you at all hours of the day and night, regardless of how busy she is in her job and home life.This is a big sign that she is genuinely interested in you.Yes this is very intrusive, but if you want to marry a Chinese lady then this is the kind of stuff you'll have to put up with from immigration authorities.Many ladies are interviewed before they are allowed to enter the United States.Many American men think American women are fat, lazy and just marrying them for their money. While some of it is down to Asian genetics, Chinese ladies know that staying out of the sun does wonders in prolonging their beauty.So obviously they look at the slim, beautiful hard working Chinese ladies on sites such as Chnlove and think a Chinese wife would be a great idea. They also eat excellent diets, and don't tend to smoke or drink alcohol that much.In general you'll find that Chinese brides on dating sites are much better educated than the Thai ladies you tend to see on dating sites.On sites such as Chnlove there are some very highly educated women indeed, which is not what most Western people think when you mention mail order brides.For this reason I highly recommend that you find a Chinese lady who already knows some English.There are plenty of English speaking ladies on sites such as Cherry Blossoms and Chinese Love Links, so just build this into your criteria for when choosing a suitable Chinese wife.

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