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"I'm sorry I missed dinner." "No problem," said Katie. Let me make you something." As she got up I was shocked. As I stared after her I'd forgotten James was there too. We can only speculate at this time as to whether Face Time calls are encrypted.

ZDNet pointed to a blog post at Addictive Tips whose author reportedly had a confidential chat with a member of Apple’s i Phone Development Program.Those code snippets don’t just deliver standard operator improvements, they also brick jailbroken i Phones.As a result, you’ll apparently have to jailbreak your handset every week or two in order to unlock it again. If my friends knew of this they'd make me king." Katie and I both laughed. "Enjoy." Katie had some dinner ready for me and set it on the table. My robe did not cover my ass as I walked to the table. I was proud of how beautiful you are, but also jealous. She stood beside me, put her hands on the table, and shook her ass. I'm in one of my tiniest thongs and a t shirt that you can practically see through and you get the attention." "Well, he is your brother," I started. "And you're his mom, but he still looks, and he's looking at you." I looked at James. Mom is just new but having both of you to look at is amazing. All this time I was a little jealous of the attention you got. The ZDNet piece draws conclusions from that sketchy Addictive Tips report that, mind you, hasn’t been corroborated by other sources.I don’t think Face Time is going to be the biggest privacy blunder ever because Apple would be pretty stupid to move raw Face Time data around the network. I thought about how naughty some of my other fantasies were. I started to rub it thinking of Katie making me have sex with some faceless man in front of Jim. Thomas had said he'd wanted to do it, but Katie set it up. I also knew that I would not have done it if it had not been my fantasy too.

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