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Coral Jones (pictured, with Paul and their son Harley, at April's funeral) said her husband recognised April from a photograph but could not remember her name.

Mrs Jones said: 'It was an awful conversation because he was so emotional and it was so hard for me to speak about it.

'Thank you to St Cuthbert's Parish Minister in Edinburgh Reverend Peter Sutton and our wonderful, joyful Scottish friends for making us laugh today,' she captioned the photo.

On February 4, Cattrall's brother Chris (pictured with her inset) was found dead on his property in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.

When her baby girl was two she was forced to give her away after authorities found out the shocking truth.

The decision to reveal her secret and allow her daughter to be taken into care haunted her, spiralling into a deep depression and heroin addiction.

The Prime Minister gathered her most senior ministers to thrash out the details of the Government's Brexit position at her country retreat.

But the crucial meeting nearly hit the skids amid a row over how much the UK should diverge from EU laws after we quit.

Five-year-old April (bottom right) was abducted and killed by paedophile Mark Bridger (bottom left) in October 2012.

Heather would regularly host lavish parties in the ballroom of their £20 million townhouse (inset) overlooking the Royal Albert Hall.

Their home was famous for its regular appearance in the ITV drama Mr Selfridge.

Sex And The City star Kim Cattrall (pictured) attended her late brother's private memorial service at Saint Cuthbert's Parish in Edinburgh on Saturday.

Despite the tragedy, Kim was smiling in her Instagram photo that she shared of herself alongside Reverend Peter Sutton and a photobombing passer-by (left).

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