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I love celebrating this day and thinking about Christian and his life.

Many of you would have celebrated World Lion Day just 2 days ago.

In this time of global political and social disruption, it is hard for animals to be heard and we must double our efforts on their behalf.

She is an actress (in Fellini’s for example) and had had a lioness in her apartment in Rome.

Christian would respond with contrite grunting noises. Not many lions would allow themselves to play ‘wheelbarrows” but Christian had a great sense of fun and companionship.Enjoy vicious HD Porn Videos with hot curvy models!When the days are dark and nothing makes you hot remember about x Hamster's Orgy Porn!We all agreed he was the most wonderful animal with the friendliest and most engaging nature, and he deserved his story to turn out so well.He faced a very uncertain future when he was for sale in Harrods department store in London (in late 1969), but he miraculously returned to Kenya in 1970, to George Adamson of fame.However, people can get just as much pleasure and love from their dogs and cats –and looking after a lion, and the safety of all involved, was an awesome and scary responsibility.MAIL: I’m so pleased that people continue to send stories into Christian’s website Then a few years ago he saw Christian’s documentary and realised that it was true.His father was a chimney sweep, and can you believe, he is now the chimney sweep for Virginia Mc Kenna at the same house where he saw Christian all those years ago!He was last seen in 1973 going off in the direction of Meru National Park where there was more game and possible respite from the wild lions that had made life difficult for him since he had arrived at George’s camp at Kora in Kenya.One of the many lessons we learned from our experience with Christian was that while some see us as “saving” Christian – and we did have the best (if naive) intentions, we were unwittingly participating in and encouraging the trade in exotic animals.

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