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Diagnosis: You can test RPC connectivity from the server you are on to another computer/server using the following command: Get-Wmi Object Win32_Computer System –Computer Name If communications fail you will see output similar to the following: If RPC communications are working between the servers you will output similar to the following: You can also test specific ports, like 6007 using the telnet command.If telnet is successful and the port is open then you will see a .In the context of Active Directory replication, the RPC client on the destination DC was not able to successfully connect to the RPC server on the source DC.Common causes for this are: Link local failure DHCP failure DNS failure WINS failure Routing failure (including blocked ports on firewalls) IPSec / Network authentication failures UDP formatted Kerberos packets are being fragmented by network infrastructure devices like routers and switches.RPC error 1722 / 0x6ba / RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE is logged when a lower layer protocol reports a connectivity failure.

The operating system version will determine the correct values for the source and destination system that is logging the replication error.

In the case of Watch Guard you must specifically create a rule/policy to explicitly allow the RPC ports.

In the case of Net Screen (Screen OS) there is a checkbox in the rule to allow Net Bios.

Verify the Client Protocols key exists under HKLMSoftware Microsoft Rpc, and that it contains the correct default protocols.

If the Client Protocols key or any of the four default values are missing, import the key from a known good server. DNS lookup failures are the cause of a large amount of 1722 RPC errors when it comes to replication.

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