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Then Ethan touches the schoolmaster's soldier and goes into his mind and tells him, You're not strong it's the thing" and then they all run out of the building.

Sarah (portrayed by Vanessa Morgan) is Jane's babysitter, and one of Ethan's best friends who he has a crush on.

He cares for his loved ones and will go to any height to protect them. Although Benny often gets the two of them into sticky situations, Ethan is usually able to find a way out. Later on Ethan begins to develop a romantic relationship with best friend and supernatural partner Sarah in the two part Season 2 finale, "The Date to End All Dates." In Season 2 (The Date To End all Dates Part 2) Benny's grandmother try's to help out Ethan get over his fear in seeing dead people, but then that does not work so when he holds Benny's and Sarah's hand he sees them normal again.

But then he has to bring back our loyal friend Jesse, so then they have to go to this old building and defeat the bad guy by Jesse joining their side and not the vampire's side.

In "The Date to end All Dates- Part 2" he shows courage (or complete stupidity) being ready to face a hooded menace until he finds out the intruder is his vice-principal, only at this point does he cow down and runs.

But the constant paranormal chaos of Whitechapel make that nearly impossible. Ethan lacks social skills because of which he usually finds himself lost when it comes to navigating social waters.

Ethan is understood most by Benny, whom he has been best friends with since childhood. He is more sarcastic than Benny and thinks things through carefully.

Although most times, she ends up babysitting Ethan and Benny as well.

By the time the pilot movie begins, she is already a new vampire, bitten by her ex-boyfriend Jesse.

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  1. And he insisted to The Sun his relationship with Dustin — who he calls Lance — was now stronger than ever. “But in the modern world this is what can happen — things are more accessible online, and distributed, and they spread like wildfire.