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Sarah Silverman stopped by ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's late night show Thursday to promote her new HBO comedy special and conveniently took the opportunity to return some of his old stuff. "People break up, and exes are gonna bump into each other. They're gonna be on each other's talk shows, you know?

"It's like I never left, only you're married," Silverman said to her former beau of five years as she held a box of Kimmel's belongings. " the host said, Despite the two comedians efforts to joke around with one another there was still a tad bit of discomfort in the air. It's the cycle of life." "It's very natural," Kimmel said laughing.

In two months, production will begin on the second season of which premieres on Netflix in late fall. The news that the comedy duo would be re-uniting was exciting to a casual fan but much bigger, a huge gift, to alternative-comedy nerds, the kind who never miss Marc Maron’s podcast.

A dozen inside a modest house in Eagle Rock, a hipster neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles where 20-plus people are having what appears to be a party.“We’re really having a great time, man,” Odenkirk confirms. I mean, the fact that we got these people together and then people just started being funny the way they were, only some of them better because they have more experience.” He introduces me to everyone at once and a few one by one, among them co-executive producers Mark Rivers, who wrote the sketches (“The Audition,” “Pre-taped Call-In Show,” “Druggachusettes”).

I wanted you to know that,” says a breathless fan, encouraged when Odenkirk looks up from under a straw hat and flashes a smile. In their defense, didn’t have huge ratings when it aired from 1995 to 1998.

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Odenkirk and Cross soldiered on through vicissitudes in the aughts.“There’s a lot of comedy that is anchored in satire or parody of what is in the news,” says Odenkirk, “but we live in some in-between region.It’s why so many sketches are still funny 20 years later.” Yet many things on the show “came true.” In 2010, the Web site Street Carnage cited a dozen examples of sketches based on ideas that later became reality, including baby massages, cursing in TV ads, a man on death row too retarded to execute, heavy-metal therapy, heavy-metal-theme restaurants, and the idea of blowing up the moon.In November, he found himself onstage having a conversation with John Cleese during Cleese’s book tour.Odenkirk’s impersonation of Andy Kaufman reading “I love your show. ”Odenkirk has been having one since 2009, when he began stealing scenes as Saul Goodman, the charming, amoral lawyer on The 52-year-old Odenkirk seems amused by the attention and possibly by the fact that when people mention his show now they don’t mean the HBO sketch-comedy series he created 20 years ago with David Cross.Cross soared to greater heights in stand-up comedy, which he’s been doing since the early 80s, and acting.Of his more than 100 movie and television roles, he is best known for his “Tobias Fünke” character on ) starring Cross and Zach Galifianakis. Show, Breaking Bad’*s creator, Vince Gilligan, offered him Saul Goodman.Naomi Yomtov booked comedy acts in college and worked for rock promoter Bill Graham before moving to L. in the early 90s, when the alternative-comedy scene was crackling.As an assistant at William Morris, she hit the alternative-comedy clubs three nights a week. She was a regular at the live shows they were doing with an eye to getting HBO’s attention.“There was a trust in the audience that it didn’t need to be boiled down to just some essentials,” says Naomi.“Instead, there could be multiple observations.”Unlike went to great lengths to avoid the topical and very rarely made a direct reference to a celebrity or anything else going on in the mid-90s.

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