Scyld scefing and the dating

The poem closes with an account of the funeral rites.Fantastic as these stories are, they are depicted against a background of what appears to be fact.

(1) THE DANISH ROYAL FAMILY Scyld Scēfing [Skjǫldr, Skyoldus] | Bēowulf [not the hero of the poem] | Healfdene [Halfdan, Haldanus] | .-------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Eofor of Beowulf may be, and if possible should be, seen by the student in the British Museum.

, When, more than four years ago, I asked you to allow me to dedicate this volume to you, it was as a purely personal token of gratitude for the help I had received from what you have printed, and from what you have written to me privately. Lawrence of Columbia; and though there are details where we do not agree, I think there is no difference upon any important issues.

Since then much has happened: the debt is greater, and no longer purely personal. If in these details I am in the right, this is largely due to the helpful criticism of Prof.

Such is the story of the raid, so far as we can reconstruct it from monkish Latin sources.

The precise date is not given, but it must have been between 512 and 520.

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