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Brian learned Synne was Mastermind’s pawn, and the truth about his parents’ deaths; he confronted the machine, apparently switching it off, though in fact the computer simply faked its demise. Soon coming to realize he was not on his native Earth, learning that this world once had a Captain U. Brian found himself fighting the Junkheap that Walked Like a Man, and encountered the highly evolved Algernon the Rat.Brian teamed with Captain America, Nick Fury, and Lance Hunter, Director of S. Tracking the source of these latter two artificially evolved beings, Brian met Saturnyne and her Avant Guard, representatives of the Dimensional Development Court.

This was later replaced with his Star Sceptre, which added the power of flight (for a limited period) to the above. At the entrance to Otherworld Brian was slain by the spectral White Rider, and his corpse claimed by Mandrac, Nethergod Lord of the Slain and the Rider’s master, though Merlyn and the Knight swiftly recovered it.Merlyn and Roma retrieved his remains - a rag, bone and hank of hair - and rebuilt him, moving his powers from his costume to his body and enhancing his senses, before returning him to his own world, Earth-616. Brian was outraged when prosecutor Lord Mandragon destroyed Earth-238 to prevent the infection spreading (and destroy the evidence which could clear Saturnyne). to round up the country’s superhuman population into concentration camps.Needing to touch base with something familiar after so long away, Brian returned to the site of the bombed Braddock Manor, discovering it was intact, and learning of Mastermind's ruse. To prevent Saturnyne’s execution, he and the Executive battled their way out the court and fled to Earth-616, and the residents of Braddock Manor increased once more. K., sole surviving hero of 238, turned up on the doorstep, to inform them that the Jaspers of 616 was about to launch his own campaign of hero genocide. Horrified at the fascist state his country had become, Brian went to confront the architect of the madness; as he reached Downing Street, Jaspers unleashed his Warp, twisting reality into an Escheresque nightmare. Six months passed after the abatement of the Jaspers’ Warp, and the country returned to relative normality.K.; however he may have alleviated this weakness when he briefly severed his mystic connection to the U. He is apparently immune to his sister's psionic powers, though not his elder brother's reality warping abilities. After a brief trip home, Brian returned to the States to complete his studies, and there joined other heroes congratulating the newly pardoned Hulk, as well as fighting against the shapeshifting Dire Wraiths.Brian’s later costumes acted as batteries (storing matrix energy when away from the field) and lens, magnifying impulses and energy fields of the human body, so that he could use his powers in low energy areas. Eventually Brian left America, but mid-flight realized the plane was under attack by the Nethergods, seeking to kill him; hoping to spare his fellow passengers, temporarily driven mad by psychic assault, and with King Arthur’s spirit trying to protect and direct him, Brian leapt from the craft.Initially the Avant Guard devolved Brian into a apelike primate, but after being restored (and further enhanced) by the same substance which had been used to evolve Algernon, Brian made his peace with Saturnyne's crew, helping them battle the Status Crew, this England's anti-superhuman police.He aided Saturnyne in her mission to evolve this reality up to minimum standards, but after they believed they had succeeded, Jaspers unleashed his mental powers, plunging the world into an insane maelstrom. Psi Division, but that Vixen was now secretly in charge of the organization and had sent Slaymaster to kill the telepaths before they could expose her takeover. Place of Birth Braddock Manor, England First Appearance(as Captain Britain) Captain Britain #1 (1976); (as Britannic) Excalibur #75 (1994); (as Black Bishop) Excalibur #97 (1996) Origin Captain Britain #1-2 (1976) With Captain America, vs Red Skull (Captain Britain #16-27, 1977); with Spider-Man, vs Arcade (Marvel Team-Up #65-66, 1978); Otherworld saga (Hulk Comic #1, 3-30, 42-55 & 57-60, 1979-80); traveled to Earth-238, killed by Fury (Marvel Superheroes #377-384, 386-388, 1981-1982); revived by Merlyn & Roma, reunited with Betsy, met Captain U.He can also fly up to 770 mph for prolonged periods.Some time later Brian learned Betsy had been kidnapped from Switzerland by Mojo, and turned into the spineless one’s latest act, when he witnessed her as “Psylocke” on “Wildways”, a television show.Though it took months, Brian tracked Betsy down to New York to rescue her, but was telepathically subdued, then transformed into a teenage boy.

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