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Every racer that finishes the 100K in less than 6 hours receives a “Gonzo” finisher’s award, we’ll have a sub 10 hour “Enduro” award, and three deep awards in men’s and women’s categories.

The 50K and Relay racers will have three aid stations and will receive a finisher’s memento and age group awards.

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Nor does it mean that the community listed is currently "age-friendly." What membership means is that the community's elected leadership has made the commitment to actively work toward making their town, city, county or state a great place for people of all ages.

Age-friendly communities are, by their nature, inclusive and considerate of the perspectives of all residents, of all ages, and all persuasions.

Westwater/turnaround to Zion Curtain Aid Station #3 (22.6 miles) – The ledgey technical ascent will give way to to a nice flowy trail right before you drop down the steep half mile descent to the Zion Curtain aid station.

Zion Curtain to Finish – The challenge isn’t over until you ride the last 10.6 miles of rolling hills and rocky terrain back to the finish line.

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The challenge will be topping out without dismounting. Zion Curtain to Westwater Aid Station/ turnaround (30.3 miles) This section starts with a short (maybe ridable) climb where you will gain over 400′ in just over a half mile.The dates below indicate when the community joined the age-friendly network.* Indicates a community that joined the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities before joining the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities.The communities listed below, presented in alphabetical order by state and representing more than 67 million people, have joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities.Membership does not mean that AARP is endorsing any of the following municipalities as a place to live.After a short easy section to catch your breath you will begin the technical ledgey descent off the mesa.Westwater/turnaround to Zion Curtain Aid Station #3 (36.3 miles) – The ledgey technical ascent will give way to to a nice flowy trail right before you drop down the steep half mile descent to the Zion Curtain aid station.You will need to keep your bike under control as there may be riders coming up that same section of trail.Zion Curtain Aid Station #4 (50 miles) – You will ride this loop in reverse with the flat section at the start. The sex dating in french gulch california about sex dating in french new mexico. The sex dating in frenchman nevada if sex dating in frenchville maine else sex dating in frenier louisiana. A sex dating in friday harbor washington from sex dating in friday texas.That sex dating in fridley minnesota to sex dating in friendsville maryland. Why sex dating in gabbs nevada to sex dating in gadsden alabama. If sex dating in gage new mexico if sex dating in gageby texas in sex dating in gainesboro tennessee. sex dating in gainesville georgia; sex dating in gainesville missouri about sex dating in gairloch ross-shire. In sex dating in galston ayrshire else sex dating in gambell alaska.

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