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There is still a large area of marshland northwest of the town, which has always been subject to flooding, such as in 1947, 20.Until recently it was thought that the remains of a wooden preaching cross from this time had been found under the remains of St Bertelin's chapel, next to the later collegiate Church of St Mary in the centre of the town.King Richard II was paraded through the town's streets as a prisoner in 1399, by troops loyal to Henry Bolingbroke (the future Henry IV).When James I visited Stafford, he was said to be so impressed by the town's Shire Hall and other buildings that he called it 'Little London'.At around this time the county of Staffordshire was formed. In 1069, a rebellion by Eadric the Wild against the Norman conquest culminated in the Battle of Stafford.

Edward the Elder of Wessex took over her fortress at Tamworth and accepted the submission of all who were living in Mercia, both Danish and English.The Norman conquest in Stafford was therefore particularly brutal, and resulted not only in the imposition of a castle, but in the destruction and suppression of every other activity except the intermittent minting of coins for about a hundred years.Stafford Castle was built by the Normans on the nearby hilltop to the west in about 1090.This meant his lands were distributed amongst the followers of William the Conqueror.Robert de Tonei was granted the manor of Bradley and one third of the king's rents in Stafford.In late 918 Aelfwynn, Æthelflæd's daughter, was deprived of her authority over Mercia and taken to Wessex.The project for the unification of England took another step forward.The population in 2001 was 63,681 Stafford means 'ford' by a 'staithe' (landing place).The original settlement was on dry sand and gravel peninsula that provided a strategic crossing point in the marshy valley of the River Sow, a tributary of the River Trent.Charles I visited Stafford shortly after the out-break of the English Civil War.He stayed for three days at the Ancient High House.

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