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Between the two, the last quarter of 2013 proved to be quite a life-changing time for her; she capped off 2013 as the most popular girl on r/gonewild, and found that her audience had grown tremendously.

She's posted two other gnome-centric albums since the original, but the comedic impulse is hardly limited to that series.

Even as the skin on your neck grows red and primal rage overcomes your sense of control, you can never admit As such, people who get mad online employ a set of surprisingly universal responses to show how totally unaffected they are.Online, it’s acceptable to argue for eight hours straight about circumcision or video-game breast sizes, resolutely backing yourself into insane rhetorical and logical corners.But you can only truly lose the argument by being “mad” — in other words, by admitting that some other blank-faced loudmouth has taken up enough space in your head to command anything but mirth or indifference.Precedents: According to secondary sources, this one may also have Biblical roots, this time in Exodus.Totally not mad from the death of his son and destruction of his crops, Pharaoh likely told Moses that he would let the Israelites go.What it means: Not everyone is on the internet 24/7 like you pathetic nerds.Some people go to the gym, or have sex with our hot wives, or just go outside and enjoy the beautiful day free of trolls.These are the flimsy suits of armor donned by narcissists with big egos and little tolerance for criticism or self-awareness: In other words, assholes who have been owned6.After Saul dies, King David ascends the throne and wins a major battle.It’s a fun illusion of authority of knowledge for some to repeat probably incorrect psychological causations they heard an actor say, but online, it’s a lastresort.If you can’t find anything in a person’s argument, or make fun of their picture, or find a really sad post they made previously about their loved one leaving them, all you can do is offer useless diagnoses of their various brain disorders.

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