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The lights were off in the house though, so I wanted to make sure she didn’t think I was a burglar. I realized while typing my texts, that since I stay in her driveway in the front yard and her bedroom is on the same side of the house, we were realistically only a few feet away from each other.

It made me feel like a child again, like I was on a walkie-talkie with one of my siblings while we’re camping. ” I just love it when my friends get my weird brain and send me something funny in return/play along.

There is no way any of my previous places of employment would have done anything close to that.

In fact, I would have gotten fired at my last job if they found out I made a film for HUMP! I will be here often; teaching, writing, recuperating, and spending time with people I love.

I will continue being the Education Coordinator for She Bop, will still present my regular classes and host events, and I will cover shifts when I am in town.

I know I will always be part of the Team Bop family and will very actively be promoting She Bop on the road and on social media .

Edna feels like home already, I am making a lot of new friends and strengthening many of my existing relationships, I co-founded a femme social and sex education meet up group, my husband and I are talking through text and getting along as family even if we aren’t partners, I’ve taught workshops, walked in the Pride Parade, continued doing my regular job, and I am feeding myself (even if it isn’t the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life).

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I had gone straight for some hummus and crackers when I got home from work, but once I was finished eating, I needed to go put the hummus back in her fridge.The progress I have been making on everything has been slow though, or at least it is feeling too slow for me.However, when I am gentle with myself, I realize that I am making progress in multiple giant areas of my life all at once (starting a business/transitioning into a different kind of career, working through years of grief and trauma, going through a separation, redefining relationships, etc.).Or I felt like we were two best friend neighbors, like all of the ones from my favorite 90’s sitcoms, and there was just a homemade tin can telephone between us. She responded with one my favorite texts I’ve received to date: “Haha. Speaking of, I am feeling extra grateful for friends lately.I have been able to have Edna stationed here most of this month because of my friend’s generosity, and I have been able to prevent my depression from taking over during a very difficult transition and instead emotionally thrive with support from amazing human beings.I have been very fortunate to work here over the years and am grateful for everything I have learned and all of the opportunities I have been given. That is how my life has been for the past two weeks. After a few hiccups, Edna finally has running water in addition to having power!Now, I am looking forward to beginning the next stage as a national sex educator and making Team Bop proud. I’ve slept in a few different beds, dog sat a few different dogs, felt a lot of confusing feelings, and memorized the lyrics and harmonies to over a dozen songs that I will be performing live this weekend. The only things not working yet are my stove and shower, and I think that is just because the propane tank is empty.Working for a company I believe in, who also believes in me, and who I know makes a positive difference in the world has been a fantasy of mine since I joined the labor force at age thirteen.The fact that everyone in the She Bop family also kicks ass and has similar feminist values has been amazing.Working a job you love, with people you respect, in an industry you know is important, and doing work you know is meaningful?I feel like that is pretty much the Millennial Dream (you know, except without the massive student loan debt).

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