Signs dating player

Don't settle on anyone until the guy has proven to you he's the one,...

Hey people, I really need's been about a month that I started hanging out with this guy and well a couple of weeks ago it just became normal for us to cuddle, I've started to really like him...

If he’s careless with that, there may be some other lady he’s not calling too. I fully admit I can get jealous of him having female friends, but he does have a lot of them. I know he has had one female friend [email protected], a lot of guys date more than 1 girl at the same time.

So, you should give yourself more option by doing the same thing.

He doesn’t say much about who he is or his family and friends. He comes over at night and won’t stay for breakfast.

He will get you a drink and tell you how stunning you look and how he would not mind knowing you better. It is your second date and he only makes you laugh with his interesting tales. He plans this romantic get-aways to his parents’ cabins.

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He complains about how he has so many projects and deadlines.If he brags about himself a lot about how many girls he went out with before you, or how many did he 'nail' down before you, he is undoubtedly a player. He will tell them how lucky he is to have found you.But players rather will show you off as an object of interest to their friends. Yes you are getting played so run as fast as you can and do not look back. He also tells you of this awesome pay plan where he gets free airtime.He forgot your birthday and brought roses (which you are allergic to) as an apology.He forgets the extra caramel on your ice-cream every time you are at the cream shop. You want to believe what he is saying but it keeps changing. Today his mother died when he was young, then he makes an excuse to go see her when taking a rain check on a date.Player is his middle name, sweetheart (that’s what he calls you right? He has no idea you hate milk in your coffee even in your third date.He doesn’t know which kind of movie to bring even after a dozen movie nights. This article should give you a few of my best tricks to tell if your guy (or want-to-be-guy) is really into you, or he’s just playing with your emotions. Most people would rather text than call nowadays, but that special someone should want to call to hear your voice!If he makes excuses via text like “I’m busy” all the time, then he doesn’t really care about communication -- and communication is key.

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