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He says: "When using an app, you don't know if someone has swiped left on your profile, you find out only about the positive matches.

"I think getting to chat first is a great asset if you're shy about making the first move in real life." Paktor may have impressive user numbers, but Mr Chua Joo Hock, managing director of Vertex Ventures, a global venture capital platform which has invested up to US.5 million (S.1 million) in the dating app, estimates that Singapore is three to five years behind the United States, which is at the forefront of online dating, in terms of online dating social acceptability.

Among those with young children – both men and women – full-time work with flexible work arrangements was the most favoured option.

The exception was when the child was still an infant, where about 38 per cent of female married respondents said they would prefer not to work.“Employers should recognise that implementing family-friendly initiatives such as flexible work arrangements helps to attract and retain talent, as well as boost productivity in the long run.

Those who said they were unlikely to have children or have more children cited practical concerns such as financial cost, lack of good caregiving arrangements, and difficulties in managing work and family demands as among the top reasons.

The majority of respondents said the availability of flexible work arrangements would have made or have made it easier for them to start a family and have more children.

Almost all married respondents also agreed that fathers and mothers are equally important as caregivers for children, and 95 per cent agreed that both parents should share the responsibilities of the home equally.

Hopefully more singles will be proactive and take charge of their dating life, in a similar way as they do when pursuing their career or other personal interests,” Dr Mathews said.

MOST COUPLES WANT AT LEAST 2 CHILDRENWhen asked about their ideal number of children, the majority – 92 per cent – of married respondents said they wanted two or more children, comparable to the 91 per cent in 2012.

MORE SINGLES COMFORTABLE WITH ONLINE DATING Among those not dating seriously, 42 per cent said they prefer to leave dating to chance, the survey found.

More than 70 per cent of singles who were or had been in serious relationships said they had met their partner through friends, at school or the workplace.

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