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Connie discovers that the bus already left minutes ago, and offers Vanilla a request to take her to Nefroburg (no matter what decision the player chooses, Connie will come with Vanilla).

Connie must get home to Nefroburg on the last bus, but cannot because of the fallen boulder blocking her path.Afterwards, a young male named Vanilla awakes on the shore of Seagull Beach, a seemingly cheerful girl named Coriander (shortened Connie) beside him, and currently suffers from amnesia due to a shipwreck nearby that occurred before the events of the game.The player learns that Connie is picking herbs for her bed-ridden mother, Rosemary, who lives in Nefroburg, and after this, Vanilla spots a vehicle on a nearby cliff that shoots a long range cannon, trapping the two in Seagull Beach.He's able to recall his own name because it was engraved on a harmonica. Throughout the story, Coriander, along with several other characters seem to think Vanilla looks similar to Chicory, Dandelion's younger brother who died in an accident in Happy Garland - "I'm Vanilla. They go to a nearby cottage that, the player finds out, holds bad memories for Connie, evidence of this being her in a picture with two unknown figures.The two stumble upon an old run-down Trotmobile resembling a bipedal automobile, which they use to leave from Seagull Beach.Vanilla began his story traveling overseas with Mallow though Vanilla remembers his story later in the game.In the tutorial mode of the game, you discover Mallow and Vanilla were trying to stow away on a ship, The SS Juniper Berry together, captained by Ciboulette.The game features a sandbox-style of steam-powered, mech-based gameplay.A sequel, Bumpy Trot 2, was announced and shown at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show, though it was officially cancelled in 2011.

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