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Also on the Flavor staff was Russell Montego (Shaun Baker), a Jamaican with the hots for a disinterested Regine. In November, Regine's soap opera, Palo Alto, was canceled, leaving her without a job, so she started organiizing parties.

In 1996, a busy year, Maxine ran for alderman and, despite having her entire racy past exposed on local tv news, she won the election. At the end of the 1996-1997 season Overton and Synclaire got married and Kyle's brokerage firm offered him a chance to run it's London office.

When the series aired it's last 2 episodes on New Years night 1998, Max was artificially inseminated and became pregnant-with Kyle's sperm.Regine knows something is up despite Max and Kyle continuing to pretend their relationship is currently on the back burner, adding a hilarious dimension to the a kid, but one thing I forgot was just how many amazing cameos the series has.“He Works Hard for the Money” features one of my absolutely favorites: The marvelous, incomparable Eartha Kitt playing a famous actress named Jacqueline Richards, who is a new client at Kyle’s firm.In many ways, Kitt plays an outsize version of herself, poking fun at her own image as a grand, talented, lascivious diva.Max and Kyle fought over whether he was staying or she was moving to London with him ( he left at the end of the season's second episode), and Synclaire and Overton were stranded on a deserted island when they missed getting back on their honeymoon cruise ship after a luau.In December Regine found her millionaire, Dexter Knight ( Don Franklin)and Khadijah reunited with Scooter.Bonus points for the mention of Bette Davis and other classic Hollywood legends. Its strong voice, the distinctive quality of the characters, and its warm humor are all immediately apparent — that’s why it’s so hard to choose just 11 episodes.(If you’re looking for more, just binge seasons one through four. ) But “Great Expectations” features a pop-culture trope that easily wins me over: a group of women getting dolled up together in the bathroom before a night out.The ladies continue to throw themselves at Hamilton, the upstairs neighbor.Kyle throws a gathering to get Synclaire and Overton talking again and to let Hamilton see his options and choose between the ladies.

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