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The 2017 Church & Culture Conference in Charlotte was a huge success, and we received numerous requests to make available the mp3 files of the three plenary sessions offered this year.

The following is an overview of each session: Session One: The Nones, Generation Z, and the New Post-Christian World The rise of the nones has produced the first post-Christian generation in American history, "Generation Z," which is also the largest generation of our day.

Contact your local MDA office for more information about a camp near you.

Camp Smiles is a weeklong overnight camp for children with cerebral palsy ages 6 to 14.Due to high interest in summer camps I have compiled 19 more great summer camps for individuals with special needs.Camp Prime Time in the Wenatchee National Forest near White Pass, Washington serves families that have a member who is disabled or has a serious illness.It's been said that in the last campaign, weaponized "leaks" were coordinated by both parties.Parts of the Bible that many outside of the Christian faith look down upon with either shock or scorn.You're talking to your son and realize you just said that annoying thing your mom always said to you as a child.When thinking about getting married, fear paralyzes you because you see how your parents ended up.The answers may be surprising, even shocking; but what may be most challenging of all is how we can think biblically about each one.Este sitio contiene reflexiones y experiencias llevadas a cabo desde 2002 por el equipo profesional de AXXIONA Desarrollo Humano en el marco de su trabajo en la linea Asesoría Organizacional y Recursos Humanos con empresas de las regiones Del Bio Bio, La Araucanía y Los Lagos.The camp provides the opportunity to try out the latest and greatest adaptive sports equipment under the direction of experts in the field.All activities are based on a social skills curriculum for children with anxiety and high sensitivity.

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