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The great fault of other sex publications, that refer to esoteric traditions, is that they swamp the reader with supernatural knowledge that is of special interest to only a select few - usually cranks!

Especially so, when pure doctrines are polluted by the mystic bias of modern authors.

Years of research into the nature of human sexuality have done little, but to statistically prove that there is a chronic lack of sexual fulfilment, i.e.. However, they have shamefully failed to come up with any real or practical solutions to the most common, and yet basic sexual maladies that sabotage nearly all sexual love relationships, ie.

premature ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and of course, lack of female orgasm during penetrative sex.

Linking the Bedroom Arts of China to Taoist Sexual Yoga may impress the uninitiated and attract praiseworthy attention from dedicated followers of the Way (tongue in cheek); but surely this is unwise and therefore, of no practical use because it is like giving people meat before they can handle milk.

As for Tantric esoteric sex, this Manual is a thinly disguised mish-mash of other previously written books on the Tao of this, that or the other.

People consult Doctors and Clinics, Therapists or Psychological Gurus.

Almost every magazine has sex and relationship articles and agony columns, where we often read of people suffering from problems arising from their quest for sexual happiness. Kinsey, Masters and Johnson and others that followed, a profusion of sex clinics, therapists, sexologists and doctors who claim to specialize in 'healing' sexually related problems; have successfully proved that the sex therapy industry can be highly lucrative.

The world needs more of this sexual revolution type material like it needs a hole in the.....ozone layer!

In writing this manual, I have avoided the sexually ignorant garbage of contemporary sex therapy, like the plague.

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