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Nolan is such an honest guy and scores points with me.It's the difference between the lousy movie director and an excellent director.The tension and time invested would not be a waste of time Not that it spoils the experience of the film, but it disturbs in some parts, mainly in the middle of the film, when the group is preparing for the assault.

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This year's edition, the group's fourth, was held in Saint-Tropez—somewhat of an unlikely locale for an environmental group, given the outsized carbon footprints of private jets.Yes the ending leaves open the question whether that is a dream or reality, but it is a cheap gimmick instead of letting them our imaginations fly.If at the end of the movie the experience of the characters was a dream, so it was waste of two and a half hour, at least the Matrix shows the characters in the real world, and that it was not a dream inside a dream.This is why Nolan movies are so well received, he tries to put in these Hollywood blockbusters something more, something common in indie or smaller films, but with the financial aspect of the great studios to provide a better technical quality. Particularly Inception and the action sequence in the snow with Tom Hardy. But the performances are amazing, particularly Marion Cotillard as Mal.Obviously there is quality on this movie; the large parallel sequences are exemplary. There are many layers in the various characters which Nolan conducts with mastery and the way they are inserted into the film is almost perfectly.Inception is a movie like any movie; it has its flaws, but also its virtues.But, for me the qualities overlap the defects, and in the end the movie is well worth watching. If Inception was released in the 1980's would it have the same impact in that decade, as it had in 2010?From the looks of it, though, it may just have been Billy Zane.When the menace known as the Joker emerges from his mysterious past, he wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, the Dark Knight must accept one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice.The parallel between the Van sequences, the hotel with the Joseph Gordon-Levitt (when character is awake in the elevator), the peak at the military base in the snow and the desolate city of Cobb and Mal is almost perfectly made with an all- encompassing soundtrack. Particularly in the initial sequence (which I thought would be a scene to showcase special effects, and Nolan proved me wrong).Or in the scene between Ariadne and Cobb, when Cobb tries to explain how his wife dies, and then discovered new layers of the character to reveal that in fact, he did have to do with the death of his wife.

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