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The moon landing, the falling of the Berlin wall, and the settling down of the entire cast of Jersey Shore all qualify as such significant events.Just like most of former housemates, Deena Cortese from Jersey Shore has settled down with a long-term boyfriend. As you may remember, on Season 6 of the MTV Show Deena has began dating Chris Buckner, and they've now been together for three years.Apparently, if you fall in love on Jersey Shore, things seem to work out just fine.Ron and Sam have be living together peacefully for years, Snooki is engaged and pregnant, JWoww is a mother, and Mike "the Situation" is in a committed relationship (even if he's still getting arrested). At one point in time, it seemed that those orange harlequins would be partying into eternity, cast in amber with their fists and hind quarters' forever frozen in the air.Although her fellow castmates are getting baby fever, the couple isn't planning on having kids just yet.When asked if the couple was planning for a family, Giancola answered: “Not for a few more years.

Remember his constant “creeping on girls at the club” behind her back in Miami?

We're just waiting for "The Situation" and his tanning salon to show up in the local listings.

All he needs are a few more arrests, and he's got a guaranteed TV spot.

"Malika was just — I feel like we lived in a house together, we enjoyed each others' company — we were both looking for something and we found it with each other and realized that it just didn't work out and we went our own separate ways. I'm friends with all of them and they've all said the same thing.

It's all life-changing, it opens so many doors, and just being there and seeing as a fan who watches the show, you see people at the beginning of the season to four of five weeks in, like how they just shed themselves like snakes.

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