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Sarah was sitting on a chair in a house which seems to be full of people who were ready to film or document something that’s about to happen. The teaser ended with the words: “Para sa mga naghahanap pa” (For those who are still looking for the one.) Watch the full teaser below: Finally Found Someone is the fourth movie for screen partners Sarah and John Lloyd. sabay- sabay po tayong kiligin at manood kasama ang ating pamilya, kaibigan at loveones ☺. When Sarah sees the man with the flowers who made his way through the crowded door, her face lights up. John Lloyd’s character acts surprised, not knowing what to do. (Randy, it’s good that you came back.) Just when she was about to kiss him, she takes a look at his face and pushes herself away from him. They have been paired together in three blockbuster films before: “A Very Special Love” (2008), “You Changed My Life” (2009), and “It Takes a Man and a Woman” (2013). Haha Taire Carreon: Kaway kaway sa mga Abangers din tulad ko ? The newest Sarah G-John Lloyd film is directed by Theodore Boborol, who also directed the 2016 MMFF hit movie, “Vince & Kath & James.” Finally Found Someone was originally titled Dear Future Husband. It is not a continuation of the story of Miggy and Laida in Sarah and John Lloyd’s trilogy series. Her fame never fades for setting the Bar higher every time she offers something. Congratulations to your movie and looking forward for your upcoming Korean Adaptation movie “Miss Granny”, Album, and Major concert on January!

I know 4 years is quite long but who knows, maybe they really might end up being together forever if the love that they have for each other is very strong and they will learn to keep away from temptations.Most netizens said that they will be watching the film and are excited to see the story unfold on the big screen. Nishizawa: I am not here to brag something that she has proven but for some mixed emotions, I wanna tell the world that Sarah Geronimo brought the PH Entertainment industry to a high level isn’t it? On TV, Concert Stage, cinemas, Endorsements, and stuff. Mukang magiging dahilan to para kiligin na naman ako. Yoj Nerak Saitam Salas : Kelan kya magshoshowing s singapore to..papanuorin ko tlga to.excited nagbalik tambalan ni john lloyd at sarah??? The rumors are really true, Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli are really in a relationship right now and they have been dating for quite some time now.The two never announced to the public that they are officially dating simply because they would just like to keep it private and concentrate in their careers.I am a big fan of their love team and I am hoping that sooner or later they will be having a movie together.Everyone is excited to see that aside from knowing that in 4 years time, they will be married with each other.There are even news reports that they will be married in 4 years time. Anything could happen in that span of time but I guess that’s the couple’s decision to be married so we fans could do nothing about it. They are really compatible with each other and I could really see the eyes of Sarah Geronimo bursting with emotions everytime that she is together with Matteo Guidicelli.It is quite clear that they truly love each other and as a fan of them, I simply wish that their relationship will last long and after 4 years they will be happily married.Matteo, meanwhile posted on his instagram a picture which he labeled as “Pink Tree” If for many the above picture posted by Matteo has no significance, what caught the attention of some fans were the comments that the place in the picture is from an elite restaurant in CEBU.Adding more clues to Matteo Guidicelli’s whereabouts are the following: His cousin Mia who is living in Cebu posted this dinner pic on her instagram and many were intrigued why she tagged her cousin Matteo.

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